If you are reading this article, the chances are that you want to buy a perfect lampshade for your lamp. But with so many parameters, styles, and designs to choose from, you’re having trouble deciding how to choose and how to buy lampshades for your room.

Your wait ends here.

Read on as we help you decide and find the right lampshade for your lamp –

What Are Lampshades?​

A lampshade is a fixture covering the light bulb on a lamp to scatter the light it sheds. They are made out of a broad assortment of materials – like fabric, paper, glass, or stone, and come in various shapes and sizes. And can be used on the floor, desk, tabletop, or hung from a ceiling.

Midnight Black Lampshade
A Lampshade scatters light and fills the room with positivity

Why are Lampshades useful?

10 Must-Know Tips to Find the Perfect Lampshade

1. Select a lampshade that enhances the colours in your room

Your bedroom, living room, or any space that needs designing should be seen as a whole when selecting lampshade colors. Regardless of whether you need your lights to be the focal point of the room – select bold colors that will stand out amongst another décor. For a more elusive proposal, select achromatic colours for your lampshade.

Aqua Cylinder Lampshade
Color of the lampshade dictates the décor of the room and your own personality

2. Choose a lampshade that is the right amalgamation for its base

When looking for an ideal lampshade, look at the base and lampshade as a pair. Depending on whether you have a tall and lean or a short and broad lamp, the lamp’s base will help you select the correct shade. 

The lampshade should be low enough to cover the switch just slightly, yet not very low that you need to reach up under it to work the light switch.

3. Choose how your lampshade will fit in your insides and its size

Before you focus on how the lampshade looks and look for how to buy lampshades, remember to take a gander at the space, it will go in. A bedside table lampshade could require a more modest profile if a bedside table is small or if there isn’t a great deal of room to get in and up unreservedly.  

Generally, the sizes of lampshades are in the range – 

Table lamps shades size: 8 Inch – 12 Inch 

Floor lamps shades size: 12 Inch – 18 Inch  

Pendant lamps shades size: 16 Inch – 24 Inch 

Wall lamps shades size: 4 Inch – 8 Inch  

4. Before looking for how to buy lampshades – decide if your lampshade is for style, ambiance, or function

Each lampshade that you put in your home doesn’t need to be only for function. While it’s obviously beneficial for your lampshades to diffuse the light from the light bulb to create a relaxing ambiance, the color and pattern of your shade can make a difference as well. 

Using all-white décor in your home, especially in lampshades, will give you maximum illumination. Consider using light-toned shades for more light dissemination into the room and use darker shades to create an ambiance or climate in your space.

Antelope Printed Silk Lampshade

Lampshades play a vital role in enhancing aesthetic of your room

5. Pick a pendant lampshade that compliments the room environment

Pendant lampshades have progressed significantly throughout the years in interior design. We now see the return of large print, dynamic colors, and broad profile lampshades. Reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s when large graphics and bold colour were huge in design! Bring these elements into your dining room with a pendant lampshade. Ensure your dining table mimics a similar style to compliment the fixture.

Pendant lampshades come in several styles and designs – At PineCraft we expertise in making a single pendant and double pendant lampshades in various fabrics and materials.

Double Pendant Lampshade

PineCraft double pendant lampshades to make your dining even more attractive

6. Buy lampshades for unconventional rooms in your home 

When searching for the correct lampshade, recollect that lights can go in your restroom, basement, or laundry room to add vibe and the aesthetic that wasn’t once there. Designers utilize pendant drum lampshades to make a point of convergence over a free-standing bathtub in many modern homes.

If you have a ledge area in your laundry room, why not place a small lamp as a “nightlight” or ambiance when strolling by a dark laundry room? The correct lampshade can have a significant effect on capricious spaces. 

7. Stretch your imagination and show your personality with your lampshades

When considering the right lampshade and answering how to buy lampshades, take a look at your room. This will help you determine if you’d like to make a statement or incline toward your lampshades to mix into the encompassing style. Complimenting the colours and fabrics used on furniture are important. These are the inspiration for lampshades that share similar shading palettes as materials, backdrop, highlight mats, and toss cushions.

8. Make sure that your lampshade fits on your lamp

Once you know how to buy lampshades, ensure it fits the light bulb’s proper distance as all lights emit heat. The size harp can change the lampshades, which are metal arms that reach out from the seat of the light to hold the lampshade. Another approach to change the distance is to utilize various sized fitters. They sit above the light bulb to ensure your lampshade fits adequately for safety and prevent your lampshade from burning.

Ensuring that you are buying a lampshade with the right holder is important. Matching it with the lamp socket will make sure that it fits perfectly. For this, you have to identify the bulb socket of your lamp –

Types of Fittings

The most commonly used fittings, holders, and sockets in lamps are Harp/Spider Fitting, Clip/Candle Bulb Fitting, E-27, E-26/Uno, E-12 and B-22 –

Harp/Spider Fitting – Also known as Spider Fitting, this is a universally used fitting used in lamps. The diameter of this fitting is 12 mm. 

Clip Fitting/Candle Bulb Fitting – Clip fitting is also known as Candle Bulb Fitting, and is used chandeliers. 

E-27 – The most common and universally used, E-27 is mostly used in the US and Europe. The diameter of this holder is 40 mm.

E-26/Uno Fitting – E-26 lampshades socket is also known as Uno fitting. This is mostly common in the US and Europe. The diameter of this holder is 35 mm.

E-12 – This is used universally and is characterized by its thin size. The diameter of this socket is 24 mm.

B-22 – The most commonly used socket in India, B-22 has a diameter of 27 mm.

9. Choosing the right lampshade shape for your lamp

The best way to replace your current lampshade with another is to consider the different shapes available. The shapes – drum, cylinder, conical, empire, coolie, or the traditional bell; the type will help set the design style in your room. 

Factors to decide lampshade directly depend on the lamp and its base. For example, for a lamp with a circular base, round lampshades will be more suitable. For a lamp with a rectangular base, more sharp shapes like squares or rectangles will be more suitable. 

Jute Square Lampshade

Square lampshades are more suitable for lamps with rectangular bases

If you are having trouble deciding the right shape of lampshade for your lamp and are unsure about how to buy lampshades, at PineCraft, we provide a free consultation for lampshades.

10. Make your own lampshades for a custom look

In our modern world of social sharing, the ability to make customized products for our own tastes has never been better. If you are crafty, why not make or embellish your own lampshade with ribbon, crocheted rosettes, fabric, or other adornments for a unique look that will only be found in your home!

Already have a custom design in mind? 

The next step is to find someone who can make your custom lampshade design for your lamp come to reality. If you are from India, you are in luck- at PineCraft, we manufacture custom designs as per your requirement and are shipping across India.

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