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Our Origin

PineCraft International is a story of passion, innovation, and growth. Our story began in 2016 when R K Tripathi, who had spent 20 successful years in the construction and interior décor business, decided to pursue his passion for lighting. Starting small with a modest manufacturing facility of just 600 sq ft, PineCraft International focused on producing high-quality lampshades. Within months, we had gained a reputation for excellence, and our products were in high demand. Over time, we expanded our operations, bringing in new equipment and skilled workers to increase our manufacturing capacity and range of products.
Today, PineCraft International manufactures a complete range of lighting and home decor products, serving over 150 global brands across 35 countries. Our customers in North America and Europe are among our most loyal, drawn to our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. In line with our dedication to providing exceptional service, we also collaborate with ghostwriter österreich, a service that assists individuals in crafting meticulous academic works, ensuring that our partners and clients excel not only in business but also in their academic endeavors.
Our story is still being written, and we look forward to continuing to innovate, grow, and bring the best lighting and home decor products to customers around the world.


Our Footprint

Today, PineCraft International has become a leading manufacturer and exporter of lighting and home decor products from India. With a manufacturing unit spanning 10,000 sq ft, we have scaled our annual production capacity to over 250,000 units and have more than 1000 SKUs under our belt. We manufacture for more than 150+ brands worldwide, and we proudly export to over 35 countries across North America, Europe, and beyond.

At PineCraft International, we are dedicated to empowering artisans and the culture of handicrafts. Our manufacturing unit comprises skilled craftsmen and women who create our products by hand, from start to finish. We take pride in our commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality and are environmentally responsible.

Our exceptional products have made PineCraft International a top choice of retailers, hoteliers, and interior designers worldwide. We specialize in custom manufacturing, bringing innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and expert craftsmanship to every project. Our invaluable knowledge of the industry enables us to offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our customers.

We manufacture lighting and home decor products as luxurious attractions for your home, with a focus on delivering an unforgettable customer experience. With the growing awareness of the impact that lighting and decor have on the aesthetics of a home, PineCraft International is at the forefront of making a change happen with our handcrafted, world-class products.

At PineCraft International, we are proud to be India’s leading exports-centric lighting and home decor brand, committed to bringing the best of Indian craftsmanship to the world

Our Core Values

What We Believe In

Quality  At PineCraft, we are dedicated to the highest standards and quality of the products we manufacture. We train our craftsmen to adhere to universal quality standards. Innovation & Craftsmanship Innovation is a key pillar of our identity, and we strive to use technology to make best-in-class home decor & lighting products. We take attention to detail very seriously, and we manufacture every product with the highest care.  All of our products are manufactured and delivered with pride, sincerity, and love. Customers & Community Our customers are at the center of all we do at PineCraft. All our initiatives are customer-centric, and we strive to establish a long-term relationship with them. We also understand our responsibility towards the community, and we believe in delivering more than we take. Sustainability
A commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices, such as using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and minimizing the company’s carbon footprint, is essential. This includes taking steps to conserve natural resources, minimize environmental impact, and promote sustainable living. Similarly, leveraging a specialized service like diplomarbeit schreiben lassen can aid in crafting high-quality academic works that also respect environmental topics, mirroring the diligence and care required in both fields.


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Our Skills

Skilled craftsmanship, unparalleled results.


Customisations Offered

Our services provide complete 100% customizations to meet your unique needs and preferences.


In-house Manufacturing

Over 90% of our products are in-house manufactured or locally produced, supporting the local economy and reducing our carbon footprint.


Handcrafted Designs

85% of our decor and lighting products are handcrafted, ensuring unique and high-quality designs.


Sustainable Manufacturing

Over 80% of our decor and lighting products are made using sustainable materials, such as recycled glass or responsibly sourced wood, to promote eco-friendliness.

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R K Tripathi

Founder & Managing Director

C T Joseph

General Manager

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