Have you ever wondered why your grandma still have those vintage shades on the lamps? The main thing about lampshade is that as long as they work, they will stand the test of some time. Lampshades are easy to maintain, long lasting décor items that directly (and indirectly) play a vital role in overall aesthetics of the room. At PineCraft, we have collated a comprehensive step-by-step guide to buying lampshades that will help you determine how to buy lampshades.

Your home décor is like your own personality, it’s unique to everyone. Lamps add great value to the aesthetics of your room and are one of the best hacks to showcase a luxury look. The fun part is choosing your lampshade that matchups your taste. Because lampshades are available in all shapes, sizes, styles, colors, materials, and textures, picking the right one is often slightly of a challenge. There are tons more that go into lampshades than you’d possibly think initially. We have put together this comprehensive guide to navigate you through the challenges that you might face while buying a lampshade. Once you understand the basics, choosing shades are often an enormously creative, rewarding process.


What Are Lampshades?

A lampshade is a fixture on the bulb of a lamp that scatter the light it emits. Lampshades can be made out of a broad assortment of stuff like paper, glass, fabric, or stone. Generally conical or cylindrical, lampshades can be detected on the floor, desk, tabletop, or hanging lamps.

Lampshade on a Table Lamp

What is the use of Lampshades?

A lampshade aims to “shade” human eyes from the light bulbs’ direct beam used to light up the lamp. Some lamp shades also are lined with a hardbound opaque lining, often white or gold, to reflect the maximum amount of light as viable through the highest and bottom of the shade while blocking light from shedding through the walls of the shade itself.

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Fabrication of Balance, Harmony, and Emphasis

Balance and harmony are essential to superior design. When you are looking for a lampshade, always consider the theme first. To make an optimal theme, it is important that the room elements should associate with each other, whether by style, finish, or both. The connection should be just adequate to set the eye at proficiency. Elegant fixtures merged with lower-priced items as long as the look is amicable. One instance may be that if a table lamp and floor lamp are assorted styles, a similar finish can please bring them together.

Balance in design relates to making sense of equilibrium, where the visual weight of things is taken into account to realize an overall effect of cohesiveness. Balance is established by sizes and shapes of varied furnishings and décor, but through color, pattern, and texture. There are three sorts of balance in design, consisting of the following:

1. Symmetrical (or Formal) – Conventional spaces use this kind of symmetry. The two sides of the space mirror one another. Repetition of décor makes this sort of balance relatively easy to achieve; however, one has got to take care to avoid the monotony of design.
2. Asymmetrical (or Informal) – Equilibrium is achieved in a less directed way than symmetrical, using the visual weights of lines, colors, forms, and textures to balance each other more complex and exciting.
3. Radial – During this balancing technique, a central focus is girdled by additional elements. An instance would be a dining room with an outsized table within the center, surrounded by a group of same-style chairs. There’s an honest deal of Repetition in radial balance.

Another component to think about is emphasis. If all the weather during a room gets equal emphasis, the result’s either a scattered or boring look. Find an anchor or point of emphasis, like an outsized window, fireplace, or maybe a large or atypical element of furniture, and place another décor such they highlight now of focus.

A Lampshade for Every Nook of the House

Selecting a lampshade is everything about style. Think about the broader goal of your room. Do you have a minimalist taste? Conventional? Assorted? There is no correct reply, but your lampshade should provide an augmentation of your personality. At times this will mean keeping it easy and restrained to generate a sterile aesthetic or highlight diverse accessories; other times, it will mean composing a dissolute, audacious declaration where the shade commands attention and becomes a centerpiece of the room.

Because the consequences of a lampshade can be so sensational and diverging, adjudicating your installation’s purpose and placement is the first order of business. Commence by asking these questions:

1) What is the use of this lampshade?
There are four kinds of lighting to choose from —decorative, accent, task, and ambient. Comprehending your aim will control if the shade requires to be wide and crystalline (task and ambient) or multicolored and opaque (decorative and accent).

2) If the lamp is being utilized for task light, how many people will be using it at once?
The response will ascertain how wide the shade’s bottom requires to be (the larger the audience, the broader the shade).

3) Where will the lamp be positioned?
Basically, the lower the lamp’s positioning (e.g., on an end table), the concise the shade can be; the higher the positioning (e.g., on an upper shelf), the longer the shade must be because contrarily, the bulb and assembly will be in the spectacle.

Task Lamp on Office Table

The fundamental rule of lampshade size and positioning, mixing and matching styles, shapes, and colors is justifiable. Still, if the shade is too short, chiefly if the lamp is positioned on a mantle or higher counter, then the hardware will be visible, and that is certainly a fashion blunder.


How to Pick Out the Ideal Lampshade Material?

Translucent or Opaque
It all depends on what you would like your lamp to try. Translucent reminder sheer fabric, paper, or alternative materials are great for reading and adding ambient light to your room. But Opaque reminder silk, thick parchment, or a laminated card will usher light in expounded, up-and-down beams, ideal for emphasizing objects and arranging a mood.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Lampshade

1. Select a Lampshade That Enhances the Colors in Your Room
Your living room, bedroom, and any space that needs decoration should be seen as a whole when selecting lampshade colors. Whether you want your lights to be the centerpiece of the room, and then pick valiant colors that will stand out amongst other decors. For a more elusive proposal, utilize achromatic shades in lampshade colors.

2. Choose a lampshade that is the right amalgamation for its base
When looking for the ideal lampshade, glance at the lamp base and lampshade as a duplet. Contingent upon if you have a tall and lean or wide and broad shade will help you select the correct shade. The lampshade should be adequately low to shield the switch just faintly, but not too low that you have to reach up under it to control the lamp switch.

3. Determine how your lampshade will slot in your interiors
Before you get too focused on how the lampshade looks, don’t forget to look at the space it will go in. A bedside table lampshade could need a smaller profile if a bedside table is small or if there isn’t a lot of space to get in and out of bed freely. While a lamp next to a wingback chair may afford a wider profile for its placement in your front room.

4. Adjudicate if your lampshade is for aura, function or both
Each lampshade that you put in your home doesn’t need to be only for function. While it is evidently nice for your lampshades to diffuse the sunshine from the sunshine bulb to make a soothing ambiance, your shade’s color can also make a difference. Utilizing all-white furnishing in your home, especially in lampshades, will offer you maximum ornamentation. Contemplate using light-toned shades for more light diffusion into the room and use darker shades to make a mood or ambiance in your space.

5. Choose a pendant lampshade that compliments the space
Pendant lampshades have come an extended way over the years in interior design. There has been a return of large print, zestful colors, and comprehensive profile lampshades reminiscent of the ’60s and 70’s when large graphics and color were cosmic in design! Bring these components into your dining room pendant lampshade. Ensure your board mimics the homogeneous style to go with the lampshade.

6. Bring lampshades into unorthodox rooms in your home
When looking for the perfect lampshade, remember that lamps can go in your bathroom, basement, or laundry room to add ambiance and fabricate an aesthetic that was not once there. Designers are applying pendant drum lampshades to make a point of convergence over a free-standing bathtub in many modern homes. If you have countertop space in your laundry room, why not place a small lamp as a “nightlight” or ambiance when walking by a dark laundry room? The pleasant lampshade can make all the difference in atypical areas.

7. Make a statement with your lampshades or none at all
When considering the right lampshade, look to your room to determine if you’d like to make a statement or prefer your lampshades to blend into the surrounding decor. Complimenting colors and fabrics used on furniture can inspire lampshades that share the same color palettes as textiles, wallpaper, accent rugs, and throw pillows.

8. Safety first when it comes to choosing the right lampshade
After you’ve chosen the lampshade you wish, ensure it fits the proper distance from the light bulb as all light bulbs give off heat. The size harp can regulate the lampshades, which is that the metal arms that reach from the saddle of the lamp to support the lampshade. Another way to alter the distance is to use an assortment of sized fitters that sit above the light bulb to ensure the lampshade sits sufficiently for safety and hinders your lampshade from burning.

9. Choosing the proper lampshade shape for your lamp
If you would like to exchange your present lampshade for an additional one, consider the diverse shapes available. From a drum/cylinder, floor, empire, coolie, or the normal bell-type will aid set the planning scheme in your space? Many lamp manufacturers can help you pick the ideal one by choosing a base, and that they will give suggestions of what shape will fit best.

10. Make your own lampshades for a personalized look
Bring home your very own proposition of lighting. Bring home your own fabrication of lamp – personalized as per your need. Since everyone has a diverse idea of lighting, and we endeavor to convert these propositions into reality. Light up your home with personalized lampshades that bring in rich look to your room and a taste of your personality into lighting.

How to Measure a Lamp Shade ?

If you wish the present shade dimensions you’re replacing, measure it, and appearance for an identical size replacement.
To measure the shade, plainly use a ruler or measuring tape to work out the successive measurements (in inches):
A. Top Width
B. Bottom Width
C. Slant (if applicable)
D. Vertical Height
With these measurements available, you’ll buy the lampshade that matches the dimensions. Lampshade dimensions are always provided both online and in stores.

Lampshades can be divided into two broader segments that define the overall design and style of the shade –

1) Hardback Lampshade
Hardback lamp shades are manufactured by laminating fabric onto a hard inner lining plastic sheet, also called High Impact Poly Styrene Sheet (HIPS). This is then molded around the ring frame which gives the structural shape of the lampshade. Hardback lampshades are uniform and sleek in design and portray uniformity.

2) Softback Lampshade
Softback lamp shades have the inner lining as fabric over a ring frame – in sharp contrast with the hardback, softback shades do not use plastic sheet at all and is completely made with fabric. The fabric is stretched across the lamp shade ring frame and cut off which gives its shape. Since soft back lamp shades are purely made of fabric, they are popular with pleated designs.

Hardback Lampshade
Softback Lampshade

1. Coolie Lampshades
Coolie shades have a classic shape – a wide brim with a pointed cone-shaped top. We manufacture coolie shades in all kinds of fabrics (including custom fabric), sizes, and colors. They also come as bell-shaped, pleated, hardback, softback, string, and even handloom fabrics.

2. Empire Lampshades

With a classic tapered design, empire lampshades are shaped like cones cut off at the top and are closely related to coolie lampshades. Empire shades are also available in custom designs in various sizes, styles, colors, and materials, including cotton, silk, linen, handloom, chambray, or custom fabrics. At PineCraft, we manufacture empire shades in hardback, pleated, and custom designs!

Coolie Lampshade
Cylinder Lampshade

3. Drum lampshades

Drum lampshades are both paragon and modish. The drum shape lets out itself to pendant lighting as well as to floor lamps and table lamps. Drum shades are classic lampshades that have been there for hundreds of years.

4. Cylinder Lampshades:

Cylindrical shades are similar to drum shades but are bigger. These shades can be used as a ceiling pendant, floor, table, and wall lamps. We offer a range of cylinder shades in various styles, designs, sizes, fabrics, and custom and made-to-order designs.

5. Square Lampshades:
It features a four-sided shape. They have a refined, sleek, and stylish look. We offer a range of styles, fabrics, materials, colors, custom-made prints, and made-to-orders.

6. Pleated lampshades
Pleated lampshades are unique and portray vintage style. Pleated design comes in a range of shapes, sizes, styles, fabrics, and colors. The most commonly used fabrics in pleated series are simple pleated linen, silk, cotton, printed cotton lampshades. As with every design, we make custom pleated shades according to your needs as well.

Square Lampshade
Printed Lampshe in Silk Material

7. Printed Lampshades
Printed lampshades bring a charisma of their own. Each print has its appeal and suits its environment, Every printed shade has its uniqueness; each print tells a story. We manufacture custom printed shades in various shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics to suit your needs.

8. Silk Lampshades:
We offer 100% pure silk shades in all shapes like Empire, Bell, Cut Corners, Euro, Coolie, Drum, Cylinder, and pleated silk shades. These are obtainable in an assortment of sizes, colors, and custom prints.




9. Designer Lampshades

We are firm believers in creativity and innovation and design. At Pine Craft, we offer designer shades and made-to-order custom designers lampshades to suit your business need and your customer’s need. Designer softback shades are available in all shapes, designs, sizes, materials, and fabrics.

10. Jute lampshades
We offer a range of jute lampshades that are available in various shapes, sizes, colors. These shades are 100% handmade using high-quality jute obtained from the finest producers. The use of jute fabric brings a glow and natural texture to the lampshade giving a versatile appeal.

11. Designer Lampshades
Designer Hard Back Lampshades are custom shades that are made-to-order to suit your business needs. These are available in all shapes, sizes, materials, and fabrics – including custom prints.

Jute Oval Lampshade
Single Pendant Lampshade

12. Single Pendant Lampshades:
It gives a rich feel to space and also acts as decorative lighting. We manufacture single pendant lamps in all sizes, materials, and fabrics. Single pendant lamps are also available as custom and made-to-order pieces. They are made as per the size required and in custom fabric.

13. Double Pendant Lampshades:
These are available in multiple fabrics. Double pendant ceiling lampshades are suitable for decorative lighting. These are available in all sizes as per requirement.

Double Pendant Lampshade

Linen, silk, or plastic, keeping a shade clean will keep it wealthy for years to return. Get rid of the shade from your lamp, then use these methods:
1. To wash fabric or silk shades, we propose wiping it down with a sponge lamp cleaner or a soft, dry cloth. A lampshade cleaner sponge made only for this purpose is attributed.
2. You’ll also remove most dust in minutes employing a sticky-tape lint-roller, soft brush, or vacuum (with soft brush attachment).
3. For parchment shades, wear gloves to hinder dirt and oils from your hands aged the shade. Make use of a dry microfiber cloth to brush it clean.
4. Plastic shades are often cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water with a light dish detergent. Gently wipe clean, then air dry.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the correct lamp shades for your room not only enhances the beauty of your interiors, but they create a homey and inviting atmosphere too after you switch the light on. You can get creative with our PineCraft’s lampshade and utilize the lampshades on your floor lamp or lampshade for table lamps or hang on a cord set as a pendant. And when light shines through the perforated shade, your room lights up with diverse patterns. Or you can choose our pendant lampshade. Made handwoven by expert craftspeople – perfect for adding a look to your interiors. There are also vintage lampshades available excellent for a romantic dinner or getting cozy during bedtime.

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